Drug Charges

The Effects of Drug Charges

A drug arrest is a serious charge which could result in the loss of your  driver's license, thousands of dollars in court fines, the loss of your  job, time in jail or even prison. If you have been charged with drug  crimes, call our office as soon as possible to get the best representation possible.

Types of Drug Charges

Drug Possession - having one or more illegal drug in one's possession for personal use, for sale, or for distribution.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - frequently charged along with drug possession charges. Drug  paraphernalia includes pipes, rolling papers, syringes, spoons, etc. It  can also include items that appear to be related to drug activity such  as scales, bags, and lighters. Sometimes these items are simply  coincidental to the presence of marijuana.

Drug Possession With Intent to Distribute - is usually charged based on overall weight and packaging, as well as  any other evidence that may lead law enforcement to believe it is  intended to be sold. Items such as baggies, scales, and large sums of  cash in close proximity to a large quantity of packaged drugs will look  suspicious to the police.

Drug Trafficking  - the crime of buying and selling (trafficking) of  drugs.

If  you have been investigated by the police for drugs, you need to call  Attorney Ed Jones now.  You have rights that the police may not notify  you of.  Charges such as  prescription fraud, drug possession, drug  trafficking, etc. can lead to years in prison, and can stay on your  criminal record for seven years.

Not all drug charges will result  in the same penalties if you are convicted. The lawyer you hire can  make the difference between a minimum sentence or years in prison.  

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