Success Stories


Result =  Won at Suppression Hearing 

Complete Dismissal

Domestic Violence in the Presents of a Child
Result = Dismissed

Domestic Violence with Felony Assault

Result = Dismissed

Violation of Protective Order
Result = Dismissed

Possession of Controlled Substance, Paraphernalia, and Open Container
Result = Dismissed

Felony Violation of Restraining Order
Result =  Dismissed

New DUI charges with multiply priors
Result = Complete Dismissal

Domestic Violence Assault w/firearm
Result = Dismissed

Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Child
Result = Dismissed


Result = NOT GUILTY by Bench Trial

Federal Charges of wire fraud and money laundering (nearly  2.9 million dollar ponzi scheme)
Result = NOT GUILTY by jury verdict

Result = NOT GUILTY by jury verdict

Result = NOT GUILTY by jury verdict


Felony DUI w/priors & High BA

Result = Reduced to Misdemeanor, later dismissed

DUI with high BA

Result = Reduced to impaired driving

Federal Drug Traffiking
Result = Sentence reduced 18 months lower than minimum federal guideline recommendation.

Aggravated Assault (2nd Degree Felony)
Result = Reduced to Disorderly Conduct (Infraction)

Bank Robbery (Mandatory Guidelines 219 mo.)

Result = Reduced to 66 months